"Alpha Glass"

First Casual Augmented Reality Glasses For Everyday Life

World's Smallest
AR Vision Module

Patented optical technology 'SMOS' (Separated Modular Optical System) consists of functional waveguide lens and optics perfectly optimized the glasses frame.


FOV 30°, Screen size is 4X larger than Google Glass


Volume is 50% smaller than other systems at 30° FOV


Compact Micro OLED includes SXGA(1280x1024) Resolution, Full color, High contrast and High brightness

Regular Eyeglasses Design

No more hiding with bulky glasses! Wear slim and foldable Alpha Glass with style and confidence anytime, anywhere.



Full Built-In Structure

All components like Lenses, PCB, Battery, Mic, Camera are stored in glasses frame!

Slim Li-Po Battery

3.7v <1000mAh Slim and Safety Li-Po Battrey
Charged via Micro USB-B

WIFI / Bluetooth

802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0


High Quality Bone Conduction Speaker
Tiny MEMS MIC / 9-axis IMU / Touch Pad
Low-power Voice Trigger


1.1Ghz Quad-Core ARM Cortex

AR vision module

30°FOV - about 27inch screen in front of 1m
SXGA(1280x1024), <1,000 cd/m², 10,000:1
Full-color, >60 fps


5 Mega-pixel Fixed Focus Camera

As Smart As Phone

Customized OS based on Android 5.2. Allows you to share photos, play music, search web, get directions and even… catch a monster!

Coming soon applications

  • Social Media

  • Notification

  • Game

  • Music

  • Health

  • Navigation

  • QR Reader

  • AI Assistant

Mod UI - Simple, Clear, Customizable

Mod UI is fully customized for smartglasses interface. Interface system simplify the usage and does not interrupt your view.

  • Touch

  • Voice

  • Gesture

You can control it to use Voice Control, Touch Pad and Gesture Control connects to other smart devices via wireless

  • Customizing

Design UI with various add-ons. Just like smartphone's UI!


  • 2 Years


    Core Stucture R&D

    First R&D and patent application for HMD optics separation

  • 2 Years


    First Core Prototype

    First optical system validation and The Alpha Labs prototype development

  • Half Years


    Prototype for Developer

    Prototype production with improved optical system on Android platform

  • 2017.June

    Kickstarter Campaign

    Meet The Alpha Glass for the first time on Kickstarter