'Alpha Glass', First Casual Augmented Reality Glasses

Experience immersive AR in everyday life without compromising your looks

Enjoy Wider View

30ยบ FOV display lets you explore AR possibilities to its fullest

Take Anywhere

Forget about bulky headsets! Alpha Glass is designed like your normal pair of glasses

Wear With Style

Trust us, you will still look attractive and cool wearing Alpha Glass


  • 2 Years


    Core Stucture R&D

    First R&D and patent application for HMD optics separation

  • 2 Years


    First Core Prototype

    First optical system validation and The Alpha Labs prototype development

  • Half Years


    Prototype for Developer

    Prototype production with improved optical system on Android platform

  • 2016.Fall-Present

    Kickstarter Campaign

    Meet The Alpha Glass for the first time on Kickstarter

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